The Lure of the New York Skyline

With the amazing views of Manhattan we enjoy from Jersey City, I always see people with their cameras pointed toward the NY Skyline.  DSLR, point and shoot, or camera phone… If you live around here you’ve taken a photo of NY City.  For years, I’ve done the same and I’m always drawn to the view from the Jersey City waterfront.  For me it’s almost therapeutic.  Early mornings to late nights, there’s something soothing about heading to the Hudson and just watching.  I walk the riverfront until the shot reveals itself.  The outside world disappears as I set up my tripod and lock my camera in place.  Sometimes I leave without even taking the photo.  Other times I wait until a cloud is in the perfect spot or a ferry drives into my shot.  Moving a few feet or several blocks can make a big difference.  I’ll never stop this nor do I want to.  The bottom line is… never stop being a tourist in your own town.  There’s always a new way to view the same things.

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