Message to “Street Photographers”…

Street photography… Documenting the lives of total strangers. Candid moments of total strangers. There’s some amazing street photography out there. I shoot it… We shoot it… The greats have shot it… Its a fullfilling art form. In an age when everyone has a great camera in their pocket at all times it’s easy to practice. 

Shoot what makes you happy. That’s what it’s all about… If it’s not commercial work then shoot what matters to you.

Years from now, is that perfectly framed slice of everday life going to make you happy? The way the sunlight paints a total stranger going about their business? Maybe. 

Is there a point to this post? 


Shoot what makes you happy. 

As you look back on your life through gigabytes and gigabytes of memories, don’t forget to document your own life. Tell a story with your photography but don’t forget to tell your story. 

Years from now will a great photo I’ve taken off a total stranger bring a smile to my face? If it brings back a great memory, I’m sure it will. But… Don’t forget to document the personal moments. A bad picture of how a loved one looks at you matters more than a great picture of a total stranger. 

Shoot what makes you happy. 

They may not be works of art but these make me happy… 

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